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(Lizzie & Sarah. Lizzie's doing DJs for Huck Finn, and asks Sarah a question. Sarah hasn't read Huck Finn.)

[19:50] CaliSrferChick14: grr i have 9 so far
[19:50] deusXmachina os: only three more!]
[19:50] CaliSrferChick14: i know
[19:50] CaliSrferChick14: :D
[20:00] CaliSrferChick14: yaaaay another question!!
[20:00] deusXmachina os: shoot
[20:01] CaliSrferChick14: should i group the symbolism of day [danger] and night [safety] together or do seperate dj's for them??
[20:01] deusXmachina os: are they continual
[20:02] deusXmachina os: consistent throughout the book?***
[20:02] CaliSrferChick14: yeah, theyre brought up throughout the book. they only travel at night.
[20:02] deusXmachina os: motif
[20:02] CaliSrferChick14: o.o whaa
[20:03] deusXmachina os: a motif is a recurring theme throughout the book
[20:03] deusXmachina os: and it could be the contrast of two things
[20:03] CaliSrferChick14: hmm.. well.. what would you do about it?
[20:04] deusXmachina os: i'd say
[20:06] CaliSrferChick14: *waits intently*
[20:09] CaliSrferChick14: O_O
[20:09] deusXmachina os: The contrast between light and dark is a motif in this novel. The dark symbolizes safety, as they could only travel at night; whereas the light was deemed unsafe for <insert reason>. Contrarily, in many works of literaure, including the Book of Genesis, light represents safety and warmth and darkness represents vulnerability and sin.
[20:09] deusXmachina os: mhm =]
[20:09] CaliSrferChick14: hahaha wow. ur scary.
[20:09] deusXmachina os: how?
[20:09] deusXmachina os: haha
[20:10] CaliSrferChick14: ahahaha sarah = smrattenfoldd
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