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dinner and a movie (ho, no -10 pts for me!)

Alright, I generally wouldn't nitpick about this kind of thing, but here's a quick money breakdown of the movie and dinner costs:

Dinner, not including tip (consider that my contribution) was nearly $32. Let's say $30 for simplicity. 6 people got iced tea (~$2) and about 7 of us ate. Excluding drinks, food was 17.90/7 = 2.56. So. If you had tea, you owe me $5. If not, you owe me $3.

Actually...I don't know what happened to the movies. All I know is that I gave five and Julia gave ten and somehow, someone owes Julia money.
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I gave you five for the drinks!

And I don't know what happened to the movies either. Maaike gave some, you gave five and got one back, and I gave 10. I think it was $20 or so.
For the movies, Stephanie got 4 free tickets. I paid for two whole tickets. For the other two tickets, Julia payed $10, Maaike payed $5, and Stephanie payed $5. We had planned to split the costs in even blocks. Since I payed $8 per ticket, three people owe me $4. Maaike and Stephanie both already payed for half a ticket. One person owes Julia $5 for the other half of the ticket she payed for. Sorry to make that so long and confusing.